Ed Mannix's Additional Links of Interest

I do a lot of resource work on the net and used to maintain a sizable set of bookmarks. It was really a pain since URL's change faster than Michael Jackson. Generally, I start my sleuthing with the Web Sites I maintain or am affiliated with since they all include high-level links plus are routinely audited and updated.

Some excellent sites don't make it onto my other pages because they are redundant, esoteric, have interest only to me, or are waiting for placement -- like my Health resources. Nevertheless, I want quick access to them, and some of my webaholic friends just have to know what I think is important; so, here they are.

Youth Services
Health & Welfare
LGBT Stuff
Other Stuff

LBGT Organizations

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Stephen Miller of The New York Native-- a white, educated, up-scale, politically conservative male, and former GLAAD Director, would have you believe this is the LGBT Devil Group. Of course, I think he's an asshole and should marry Andrew Sullivan so together they can pontificate above the foray, certain they know what all LGBTs need.
International Gay & Lesbian Association. Working for LGBTs everywhere in the world.
National Gay & Lesbian Task Force. They do lots of stuff for us.
"Ward.... Did you notice The Beaver's new playmate across the street has two mommies?"
Partners Task Force
"Like, eh, when I fall in love, I'll get married as soon as I can, Mom. Right now they don't let us!"
Israeli QRD
As a quasi-religious State, Israel has been an Emotional Frozen Wasteland for LGBTs. But recently, some of the secularists have begun to wave Pride Banners.
Look in the Virtual Library for the many other Foreign Language LGBT sites on the Net, too.

LGBT Youth

The Ultimate Gay Youth Pages
The youthful language is unmistakable, the enthusiasm contagious.
Out Proud!
Everything for LGBT Youth.
LGBT Teen Suicide Report
References are often made to LGBT teens representing 30% of Teen Suicides. Here's the full story.

Gay Publications & Books

The InterNuts
Queer Humor
CyberQueer Library
This is not related to NYCQ. The Cyber Queer Lounge was developed by Tom Hicks in Seattle. He's been a regular presence on the internet and Washington State activist for years.
Oasis LGBT Youth Magazine
Sponsored by Out Proud! My friend and fellow Brooklyn PFLAGger, Emily Rizzo, writes a column about parental understanding.
QX Magazine
I rarely look here. On-line magazines are not interesting to me. But sometimes I need bar guides or whatever.
Electronic Gay Community Magazine
Not as boring as most on-line magazines because the layout helps you find information instead of forcing you to browse.
Gay Guide New York
It's new so I'm checking it over to see if it should bump HX or LGNY out of their prime spots in my other pages. It looks good but is too GIF intensive for most Web Surfers. I want information much, much faster.

Positive or Negative, "Living Positively in a World with HIV/AIDS", by Mark De Solla Price, will inspire you to re-think living in the Epidemic.

AIDS Resources from the Virtual Library
A sub-URL off the Virtual Library that I hold for quick reference.
I've decided that HIV/AIDS Treatment and support issues should take precedence over the politics so I've chosen The AIDS Treatment Network as my primary HIV link. It's so Oh So Very Good. ACT UP is a very important group in the Gay Community but the infighting is legendary. Looks like their Web Master, at least, has his act together!
William Johnston
Bill wrote, "HIV Negative" published in Spring '95. He facilitates a group for HIV Negative men in Boston. Along with Walt Odets who wrote, "In The Shadow of the Epidemic", he is one of the few pioneers out there talking clearly about the realities of being and staying Negative.
Critical Path
A very good site out of Philadelphia. Also available in Spanish.
Gay Men's Health Crisis
GMHC really pisses me off. They are not providing much leadership while they suck all up all the public's goodwill and money. Their original pages only had info on how to give money and buy tickets for the Dance-A-Thon. Months later, the site design was expanded but you can barely see the information!!!! As if there is much anyway. Very disappointing and disheartening.
National Institute of Health
A clearing house for information related to research programs, emerging treatment data, etc..
The Coalition for Positive Sexuality
This is intended as a Safer-sex page for youth. Some of the script is too restrictive and out of synch with the "Harm Reduction" approach now taken by most Health Educators.
Safer Sex
An OK site for sex-education. Still uses too much of the "Always, Only, Never, Don't" lingo that recent statistics prove doesn't work.

Physical & Emotional Health

In my first life -- many years ago, I was an R.N.. My interest in health information remains strong. First, as a gay man I encounter lots of HIV Positive guys who seek information about secondary health problems. Next, depression among gays has long been common; now, with the Gay Community hard hit by the AIDS Epidemic and many of us experiencing overlapping cycles of grief, things are even worse. Lastly, as I get older, I am more concerned about all those illnesses common to people like me -- over age 45. (YIKES!) I want to care for myself and be able to share information with my friends.

Do look at my LGBT Health & Welfare Pages

Health Services & Public Health Sites
An encyclopedic list of information, resources, laws, etc.. Read all about the Ebola & Hanta Viruses before you decide you must have them.
Internet Mental Health
A reasonably good source covering all MH topics.
Psychology Self-Help
"The change will come. It always does" ... or so it's said. But the wait can be interminable, especially when you feel you have no power or control over your life. Here are some things you can do to help yourself in private.
Learn how to chill out, Honey. It'll do your heart good and let people get closer to you.

LGBT Stuff

Stephen Davis
A co-worker at Columbia and one of the founders of GABLES-CU. A couple of years ago, he facilitated a session on LGBTs and the Interent and I got hooked. Take a peek at Stonewall 25 Exhibit Pages, BUT FOR COPYRIGHT REASONS PLEASE DO NOT PUBLICIZE IT.
The Happy Homo
Louis Wolfe lives in Brooklyn like me. I've never met him but he seems like a good guy. He has a terrific set of links and layout.
The International Association of Lesbian/Gay Pride Coordinators
They seem to think they can coordinate LGBT orgs. Good Luck!
Labor Unions
Not exactly about LGBTs but they have been very friendly towards us. DP Benefits are sort of the last major new concession left for them to fight about.

Other Stuff

Brian Shumon
Brian took me hiking once. Like true New Yorkers, we went by train then trekked up the hill to a beautiful spot along the Hudson North Of West Point. It was my only vacation in 1996.
Bruce Weiskopf
Bruce is a friend who does computer consulting. Need a Web Developer?
Looking for someone? This is like the CIA of the Web. They know too much about you!
The Christian Science Monitor
As an Atheist, I read it everyday. Our Country's best Newspaper!
US State Department
If you ever travel, check out this site.
Government Printing Office
You know those Public Service Ads ... "Write to Pueblo, Colorado". This is the place. Cool stuff.
Working Assets Long Distance
My LD Telephone Service. They contribute profits to many organizations that look out for our interests.
Wired Magazine
Wired scares me sometimes. The layout is intentionally chaotic and I get confused between Ads and Articles.
Utne Reader
The Contemporary Reader's Digest!

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