Ed at 6 years 1 week
Welcome to Ed Mannix' Online Home where
PRIDE PARADE never ends!

This is a QUEER FRIENDLY space!

or my inner child will recruit you just for spite!

There are thousands of Internet sites by and for LGBTs. Whether you are closeted, isolated from the Community, or Out and Proud, the Internet is a great place to learn, interact, find help, lend a hand and be gay.

The Internet provides a large degree of anonymity, allowing those who are beginning to explore their gay identity to do so without fear. Feel free to ask for help.

Making music within community and community within music.

A Circle of Berdaches

This is my LGBT music project
including house concerts and more

PFLAG Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
Bisexuals and Transgenders

Straight Spouse Network
"Real Support at an Unreal Time"

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